Linking External URL's to the New tab/window

Hi Everyone,

I have object which has the hyperlink External URL’s as values, when user clicked on these values it should open in the new window.

Example :

All these URL’s should open in the new tab.

Could you please provide an assistance to achieve this requirement


I have this done by creating a snippet of HTML code and using the target attribute of the anchor element. I am certainly not an HTML expert so forgive me and feel free to correct me if I have some terminology incorrect.

Simply create a variable based on your URL object. In order to get the double-quotes to be part of your resulting value you have to use the backslash (\) as an escape character.

Put that new variable on your report and then you have to tell WebI to interpret that as hyperlink. You can do that either within the Format Cell dialog…

Or from the context menu of the column in your table…

If you have access to edit the universe or contact with someone who does this Hyperlink property can be set there as well.

Here you go.

Hope this helps,


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Hello @nscheaffer,

It worked. Amazing.

Thank you so much for the solution :slight_smile:

Jagadeesh C