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Linked UDT universes

Hello. I’ve not been here in a looong time as I’m really only maintaining our Bob infrastructure while the powers-that-be put in all shiny new Microsoft stuff. So we’re still running old UDT universes sitting over an oracle data warehouse.

Anyway, I have a change I need to make to a linked universe. Yes, my linked universes do mostly work and I don’t really have any issues. My master OCCURRENCES universe has everything in it and I have a couple of children which only show specific types of universes (a filter out of those not wanted and hiding of irrelevant objects).

So I’ve had to add some new objects to accommodate a change in the source system. I add them into my master universe, save & export with no problem. Import the child universe and the new objects are there - but in the wrong place in the object list. There doesn’t seem to be any logic behind where the new objects have gone - in the same class but some are bottom of the class list, and some randomly in the middle.

I’m suspecting with the dead duck of UDT universes and the lack of anything much in the way of SAP development, that I’m going to have to tell my users that it ain’t pretty but it works and it will do until the end of this year when it’s all getting switched off anyway … But if anybody has any bright ideas how to make it pretty, feel free to tell me!