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Keeping the same CUID of the Reports while Migration


My query is on my project I got a requirement that the reports in the Go-live Folder reports should be placed in Public folder after production deployment is done.

Now my requirement is we need to make sure the reports CUID should remains same.
If the report CUID changes then the reports saved in the Public folder after the production deployment is done, it will give error when the reports were scheduled.

So how can we make sure the reports CUID remains same, as I have noticed that the report CUID changes when create a copy of the reports save it in some other location.

Please advice?

You are correct, the CUID will change if you make a copy because you are creating a new object. You need to move the original report from the go-live folder to the public folder to maintain the CUID instead of copying it.


Thank you for the suggestions.