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Joins defined between two tables at UDT are not reflected in the webi report


Can anyone help me with the reason for the Joinns defined between two tables at Universe end in UDT is not reflected on the report query

The joins are correctly defined at the Universe level, yet it is not showing on the webi reports when those two objects on which the joins were performed.

Also not the cardinalities are also correctly defined.

Appreciate if anyone can help with some solution

Are you sure you are dealing with the same universe? Make a small change like adding an empty folder and see if it shows up in WebI to be sure.


Have you checked if the joins of the tables where added to the context in the Universe? If the joins connecting the tables are not part of the same context, the SQL that will be generated will not join the tables

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Definitely sounds like a contexts issue to me.

Hey, Did you publish the universe into right repository?