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Java SDK to add users to winAD group


I am working on adding users using java code that picks the records from an excel sheet. I have managed to change existing users groups that already belong to winAD group with no issues. The only problem I am having is when there are new users that need to be added. The code does add them to BO but it seems that it doesn’t add them to the winAD group, If I perform Authentication->Windows AD-> Update, which is supposed to scan and pick up user attributes (Full name, email address, etc) it ends up dropping the record all together. If I see the user that was added before performing winAD scan it only has the account id populated and is not part of the winAD group. Is there a proper way of adding users via java sdk to winAD? Any examples would help.

Environment: BOE 4.1 sp7, windows.

Thank you.

BO reads/pulls data from AD it doesn’t write to AD.

You may be able to use a Powershell script to modify your AD group… assuming you have an account with permission to modify said group and your network security team approves. Writing scripts to modify AD isn’t something you want to do without proper authorization.

The users are already part of the winAD group outside of BO, I am trying to perform this like I do manually:

If user is new and part of winAD group, Add them to BO and attach them to winAD group Alias in BO.

I am using IUserAliases addExisting() method to add them but not sure how to attach new user to existing winAD Alias in BO. Please let me know if this is possible.

Thank you.

Not sure what you are doing manually. If the users are in the AD group and you’ve added it to the group list, the users will import automatically on whatever schedule you set.