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Issues with Web Intelligence Auto-Save Functionality

We have over 1,000 auto-saved reports (those reports in ~WebIntelligence that start with do_not_use) in our Production environment. Some of these are over two months old.

I have looked through the following articles:

KBA 2670811 - The auto-save action is not executed immediately after the time set in Auto-save time delay in CMC

KBC 1379577 - How does “Clean up time delay” setting affect auto-saved Web Intelligence documents?

We have all of the mentioned settings still at the default configuration.

Applications → Web Intelligence

  • Auto-save time delay = 600 seconds
  • Clean up time delay = 86400 seconds


  • Idle Document Timeout (seconds) = 300

From my reading of the documents linked above, none of these auto-saved reports should be kept for longer than 24 hours.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

How can I reduce the number of these auto-saved documents that are retained? Keeping them for months does not have any benefit.