issue with text export from 4.2 sp4 to 4.2 sp6

good morning all
last week we upgraded from 4.2 sp4 to 4.2 sp6 patch4.
After upgrade, all schedulations that save result in text format started to produce files with additional tab (corresponding to hide object inside the table exported)
With sp4 no issue, but now, we got this additional extra tab that causes problems, because those files are used from other program to load data.
We found sap note about that ( Extra tab delimiter is added when exporting Web Intelligence report to text file after migration) that invites to apply an additional patch, but I am wondering if someone has already faced same issue and found some workaround instead of install patch.
Thank you in advance for any anwser

mrcln_bi (BOB member since 2019-08-22)