Issue with BI4.3 SP01 when scheduling reports

We are on BI4.3 SP01 sitting on Linux, with our CMS in Oracle.
We recently upgraded form BI 4.2 SP03 to BI 4.3 SP01 , we faced a lots of issues after the upgrade.
Wanted to check if anyone has faced this issue in BI 4.3 SP01 this looks like a show stopper to us and if anyone has a work around that would be great.

Issue : Logon to BI Launchpad or Fioripad, then click on any exisiting report, then go to schedule and then click on Prompts, then enter the date prompts.

When you click on the date prompt, it shows EST - 5 hours, we are on EST(NY) time zone. So when ur clock is 5 hours behind any $ amounts will not match in ur reports.

SAP said they may have a fix in BI4,3 SP01 patch 2.

Wondering if this just us or is anyone else having a similar issue.

Seems like EST -5 is represented incorrectly. EST is the same as UTC-5 I find it difficult to believe they (SAP) actually have the time set to 5 hours off.

We have been waiting on a fix for this issue since almost DEC. SAP said this will be fixed in BI 43 SP01 Patch2 , which was released on 02/16.

We got that installed and configured, guess what… issue is still there.

Reached out on multiple high priority tickets… no response on the fix… my client is waiting on this simple fix for about 2 plus months and it is pretty frustrating.