Install Mobile Server on dedicated server

Hi Everybody,

Firstly, my name is Sylvain and I am french, so, my apologyse for my english written and more in advance.

My problematic :
I have to install the mobil server part on an installation which exist allready.
Today, everything is on a server which is called SAP-BI, CMC-infoview-referential-TOMCAT…

This installation of the mobil module must be on another server, his name : SAP-BO-MOBILE.
On this new server I Have allready install TOMCAT which is necessary.

At the end we will have two TOMCAT, one for the users no Mobil thats requests BO documents from inside of our society.

The second TOMCAT on SAP-BO-MOBILE for the users who will ask report from their smartphones outside of our society.

Environnement : Windows server 2016
SAP Version : 4.2 SP7 patch 8

I’ve readen many things on that subject and infact too many things.

The only thing I want is to make that properly.

Can you hel me ? step by step ?

Thank’s in advance,