Input Control and Formulas

Here is an example of some of the data I’m working with:

Month Year Payments Balance

Jan-10 2010 100 500

Apr-10 2010 200 600

Jul-10 2010 300 700

Oct-10 2010 400 725

Jan-09 2009 125 800

Apr-09 2009 250 825

Jul-09 2009 375 850

Oct-09 2009 400 900

I’m using input controls for the user to select a date. The goal being, the user would select April 2010. The report would provide the show the following:

Month Balance YTD Payments

Apr-10 600 1100

Apr-09 825 1625

I’ve been able to get the prior year working using RelativeDate but struggling with getting the correct balance and getting the running sum to work properly.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Create separate month and year variables (or use the time hierarchy option to create them) from your date field. Then, change your input control to just filter on the month, not the month/year. If your data includes lots years that you need/want to filter down too, add a second IC for year - added bonus, that will give the users the flexibility to include whatever years they want vs being hard coded to selected year and prior.