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Hello all ,
I need your help , unfortunately I’ve lost my backup DB “motors” while exercising with “IDT” !!
Could you please kindly indicate me where I could download it or if someone could pass it to me .

I’d appreciate any suggestions, help with this matter .

Thank you in advance .

Not familiar with the “motors” database. Maybe it’s included in a newer release?
eFashion and Rio2016 are the samples with our 4.2 version. Where did you get it?

I remember that universe as one that was used for the Advanced Universe Training class. I don’t think it was ever delivered with any of the installations of Business Objects.

Wow, I’ve not used the motors database for over a decade. It used to ship on a CD (shiny things, look like DVDs) as part of the training documentation. Your best bet would be to get in touch with your training supplier (if they still exist).

Do you think I could have a possibility getting the “DB” If I create a SAP INCIDENT and ask for it ?
Thank you ,

There is no harm in trying. It was a Microsoft Access database when I did the training (which was a long time ago!) but they may have replaced it with a SQL Server equivalent now. That’s still not a problem because you can install the free version of SQL Server locally.

Much appreciated. Thank you for the tips !!
I’ll try this approach for now .