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Importing sl_sdk dependency error

Good day!
I am trying to write java code to get the details of semantic layer.
I added sl_sdk.jar as a dependency. however, the import of the classes fails.
e.g.* etc. This import cannot be resolved in eclipse or intellij idea!
Kindly suggest if this is different from any other jar files of BO. and how to use this? any steps or documentation would be really helpful!
I googled and found a couple of articles like but still the same issue
many thanks!

Even though including sl_sdk.jar is supposed pull in all of the libraries you need, I’ve never been able to get it to work. This .jar is in the SL SDK\java folder. Instead, you need to go to the SL SDK\eclipse\plugins folder and add the specific jars to your project - you’ll add the ones that it says failed to load when using sl_sdk.jar.