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Iframes, WebI, and OpenDocument

We are trying to embed some Xcelsius controls into our webi documents as detailed on this blog:
and here

We have something like this in cell in a table (which is set to Read As HTML):

<iframe src="../../opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=AU.Tc3vO3tZOhI1Epz3azZ4&amp;sIDType=CUID&amp;sType=tmp&amp;sWindow=Same"> </iframe>

This would open a webi/xcelsius document (within the current webi document). The problem is we cannot get the call to opendocument to load within the iframe - it always opens a new report. We are working on this in Infoview and we are currently using the most recent version of webi (BO XI IR3? SAP sucks with naming their SKUs.) Does anyone know how to force openDocument to return within the iframe (either through HTML-related trickery or some configuration) ?

jrychlin (BOB member since 2009-12-23)

I followed that same instructional and this is the formula I used in the WebI cell. It worked fine for me…

="<iframe height='300px' width='300px' frameborder='0' src='../../opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=ok5yIDEACo62WYkAPwmDK7EimT0&amp;sIDType=CUID&amp;lsSlowerThreshold=50&amp;lsSmiddleThreshold=70&amp;lsSupperThreshold=90&amp;lsSupperBoundary=100&amp;lsScurrentValue="+[Count Distinct Doc IDs]+"'></iframe>"

Mr. B (BOB member since 2011-08-25)

Hi all,
we have the same issue in BO WEBI 4.2.

We couldn’t load our report (using openDocument jsp) within an iframe element.
The same uri used in new browser tab works.

Could anyone help us? There are some parameters to set to allow this embedding in an html page iframe?


We are in exactly the same situation. Did you manage to solve the problem?
Thank you.