IF isnull for 2 fields

So lets say I have 3 columns.
Colums 1 and 2 have output and in column 3 I want to check if both column 1 and 2 are empty.

For column 3 I now have:
=If (IsNull([IFU_BO])) Then “No Matches” Else “Ok”

But now I want also implement the 2nd column check.
I was thinking about:
=If (IsNull([IFU_BO]) AND IsNull(“IFU_Ex”) Then “No Matches” Else “Ok”

But this is not working and giving me the datasync error.
Also tried other variants but all with the same result.

What would be the correct way to check if 2 columns are blank?

Aiii…my bad.
I have IFU_Ex as a dimension from one of the queries and I have IFU_Ex as a detail…
Just had the wrong IFU_Ex thats why the datasync error (needed to be the detail not the dimension).

This formula is working just fine now:
=If (IsNull([IFU_BO]) And IsNull([IFU_Ex])) Then “No Matches” ElseIf IsNull([IFU_BO]) Then [IFU_Ex] Else [IFU_BO]