IDT-Updating and Publishing Universe Breaks Reports BO: SOS

Issue: Need to refresh the data layer of an existing Universe in a repository as new columns have been added to tables.

First Challenge: When publishing the updated universe it acts as a “new” universe causing all of the connected reports to throw errors. How can i update the existing universe so that it will view it as a revision and not a new universe with a new CUID?

Second Challenge: When refreshing a data layer the wizard reports that tables do not exist. However, the tables are clearly visible in the underlying database that is connected to the universe.

Possible Solutions
Challenge one: Ive done extensive googling and found that the reason i was receiving an error after publishing the updated universe is because i was not actually revising the existing universe but creating a new one which caused a new CUID to be created. The reports failed when attempting to look for the nonexistent universe based on the CUID. I was unable to find a solution.

Challenge two: Ive come across solutions that say that the data layer may not be pointed to the accurate connection but that does not appear to be the issue.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I have less than a week to solve.

P.S I have been smart and have done all this in development so nothing is broken in production. I have also searched the forum and have not run across solutions.


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Welcome DataQueen!

It’s great that nothing is broken in Prod, so the quick solution is:
Assuming that the Universe was initially created in Dev, then migrated to Prod (and/or QA), which means, the Universe should have the same CUID in Prod (and/or QA), as the CUID of the currently Non existent Universe in Dev

  1. Reverse migrate the Universe from Prod to Dev
  2. Due to the prior step, the reports will work fine in Dev, as they’ll be pointing to that Universe automatically
  3. From IDT, publish the local updated Universe to Dev repository, you should obviously overwrite the Universe that was just migrated from Prod to Dev

Let us know if that helps, and/or if you’ve any questions.


Thank you for your reponse

We have moved the universes from production to development but seem to still have access issue. Checked CMC and security is set so that all users have access to the data.

I am getting a message with unknown error in semantic layer service. I am now searching the forum for this error.

Thanks for any help

Hi try this

  1. Retrieve the original universe, it can be transported from QAS or PRD to DEV.
  2. Verify that the reports associated with the universe work.
  3. Download the universe to your local repository.
  4. Open the Data Foundation and in the Actions menu select Refresh Structure … and proceed with the wizard, the new fields should appear, if necessary add the tables and create the joins, in the Business Layer you will have to add the new objects.
  5. You republish the same universe to the same location as the original so that it overwrites the existing one and does not generate a new CUID.


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Thank you Yaim13

I have restored the universes to original state and am now trying to update the data layer detect ----->refresh structure… However when i refresh structure existing tables appear as if they no longer exist. A check of the data base shows they exist and the reports in the universe work without issue reaching the tables that the refresh structure shows do not exist.

Any idea why tables are not being recognized when attempting to refresh?


Check you universe connection. I’ve seen issues where anomalies in the connection make the design tools think it is a different connection from the one originally used for the tables. Unfortunately, I can’t point you to anything specific with the connection as it could be several things. You could even try creating a new one.

John is right

Check that your current connection is going to the server and correct database.
Another option would be to create a new connection, publish it on the BO server and create a shortcut of the connection in your local repository. Then you open the Data foundation and at the top there is an icon called “Change Connection …” you select the new shortcut and verify that the correct tables appear.


First Challenge: Overwrite the Universe do not delete and replace with Universe of same name. It will create a new Universe ID and connections will break.

Second Challenge: IDT sometimes forces you to identify the schema of a table owner before it will allow you to refresh using the refresh button. However you can also bring in tables individually but the problem is that you will end up with two of the same tables. You would have to delete the original table and create new joins and etc. If your schema has over 10 tables that could become tedious.

Thanks for all your tricks and tips!

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