Idoc creaating duplicates in ECC

I am loading Fixed assets in to ECC, My source table have no duplicates at all.However when I review the results using trans we05, I see that the records are duplicating and I end up having multiple records for the same asset.

Can some please assist.


Extreamrav :south_africa: (BOB member since 2011-08-23)

This could be due to a wrong nesting in your query statement when building the IDoc output.

Have you tried to output the IDoc to file/disk and limit the input to a single asset to see if your data flow is either generating duplicate IDocs or if a single IDoc contains repeated data?

Otherwise, you could use BD87 to examine of your most recently loaded IDocs and see within the IDoc if it contains duplicate data or if a second IDoc exists with the same asset data. In the latter case, WE10 may be useful to search for all IDocs containing that particular asset.

ErikR :new_zealand: (BOB member since 2007-01-10)


Thanks for you response.
If i populate a single assest I dont get duplicates.

Will try loading to a file.


Extreamrav :south_africa: (BOB member since 2011-08-23)