I just want to buy something from SAP!

We want to do address cleansing with Data Services. I’ve done it in the past, but that was quite a while ago with a different client. We’re trying to buy it from SAP, but nobody at SAP understands what product/subscription/license to sell us.

What product name do we need to use? I tried “Address Cleansing” and that didn’t work. I suggested “Data Quality” and they’re still looking.

I think that would fall under the SAP Data Services area, specifically SAP Data Quality Management. They have moved things around in that product area quite a bit and it can be a bit confusing.

I took a brief look into some of the licensing that I could see and there appear to be several that start with SAP address directory and SAP Postalsoft that might be applicable as well.

Leave it to SAP to make something like this difficult. Data Services seems to be the red headed step child of SAP products. Fortunately, the product works better than the SAP marketing dept.