I can open only certain type of documents in wiasp

Somebody please help…I am stuck with the problem for many days now.

BO 6.5.1, IIS 6, sql server , windows 2003

In Corp documents of wiasp page, I can open only a certain type of document - say the document icon with red ball at the left corner.

But I cannot open other documents(reports). It shows Please wait while the document is being processed and it really looks like it is going to open, but says page cannot be found at the end.

I have checked the connections, repository integrity etc. But I just cant find any solution. I would really really appreciate if anybody can provide any pointers.

Also to note - When i run the below url on a new IE page, http:///wiasp/bin/iswi.dll -> I get page cannot be found.

Is this a clue to suggest something particular is wrong? If so, what could that be.

Appreciate your help here!!!
Thanks in advance!!!

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