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How to use a proxy with DS 4.2?

Dear Community

I need to write Data with SAP DataServices to an SQL Ressource in Snow Flake.
OS is Linux RedHat and Data Services version is 4.2 SP14.

I need to connect to the Snow Flake SQL Ressource via a Proxy Server (Security Regulations of my Company).

The Datastore Type Database. No Adapters or Webservices are in use.

How can I establish the connection from SAP DataServices to the Snow Flake Ressource via the Proxy Server?

Thank you very much for your help.

Regards, Nicolas

We use an ODBC connection to connect to Snowflake for our Business Objects reporting. The proxy configuration can be set in the ODBC connection. I would assume that would work for Data Services also.


Our environment is LINUX RH 7.9 with DS 4.2 SP14.
connexion is OK when test ODBC driver outside BODS.

But I do know how to tell to use the proxy.

Help would be appreciated.