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How to sync up users from database?

Hi Guys,
I am trying to import the users from outside vendors in to BO. I don’t have any direct way to import them since they are not belongs to our groups. But those users are available in sql server database. How to import those users from sql server database to BO CMS? Can you please help me on some ideas?

How are the SQL Server users set up? Are they using Windows Authentication or SQL Server authentication?

Your best option may be to export the list of users from the SQL Server database to a csv file. There is an option in Business Objects to import users from a csv file. I haven’t worked with it so I don’t know that I can provide any additional assistance, I just know the capability is there because there is a service that runs for doing that.

This may help…

1780406 - BI 4.x: How to import bulk users and groups from a CSV file

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Hi John,

thanks for your reply.

Yes this will help definitely. But how can we automate this process.