How to pull data totals per day when data spans two dates - 7p - 7a shift

I need to pull rather simple time stamped data for first shift 7a - 7p and second shift 7p - 7a per day. I am using start hour. The second shift is a challenge due to 12a - 6a falling on a different day of the 7p - 7a shift. I need to somehow recognize one date plus the next date. I know we have a previous function but I cannot find anything on a next function.

Has anyone encountered this need and were you able to resolve it?

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Your question is not clear. When you say ‘need to pull’, that sounds like a query issue. But, then you mention the previous function (there is no next function), which is a report level function. Can you provide more clarity and maybe a sample of what you are looking to do.

There is an indicator that can be documented on a customer at any time. Qualifying on the indicator, I am pulling and displaying the customer id, date it was documented, and start hour it was documented. Filtering on start hour and breaking on the date, I can tally the number of customer id’s for 7a - 7p per day without issue. What I am struggling to tally is the total number of customer id’s for 7p - 7a since that shift spans two days.

Create a date variable. First you need to decide which shifts belong to a date…
do 10/12/2021 7am - 10/13/2021 7am count as 10/12/2021
or do 10/11/2021 7pm - 10/12/2021 7pm count as 10/12/2021

Based on the logic you need, create a variable to determine the date, something along the lines of: (using the first option above)

= If FormatDate( [DateTimeField] ; “HH:mm” ) between “07:00” and “18:59” then ToDate( FormatDate( [DateTimeField] ; “MM/dd/yyyy” ) ; “MM/dd/yyyy” )
else ToDate( FormatDate( RelativeDate( [DateTimeField] ; -1 ) ; “MM/dd/yyyy” ) ; “MM/dd/yyyy” )

If you also need to count per shift, create a similar variable for your shift:
= If FormatDate( [DateTimeField] ; “HH:mm” ) between “07:00” and “18:59” then “7a - 7p” else “7p - 7a”

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This worked brilliantly, thank you!

Much appreciated,

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