How to migrate the "LDAP users and groups" from BO 4.1 s

We have LDAP authentication, external users and internal users accessing BO 4.1 sp6. We do not have clustering and have tomcat on same windows server.

The steps for migration from BO 4.1 to BO 4.2 are:

  1. Install BO 4.2 on new windows server

  2. Configure the servers.

  3. Migrate enterprise users(Content) from BO 4.1 sp6 prod to BO 4.2 dev using upgrade management tool.

  4. Promote the content from BO 4.2 dev to BO 4.2 UAT and BO 4.2 Prod using Promotion management tool.

How to migrate the “LDAP users and groups” from BO 4.1 sp6 to new version of BO 4.2?


Ms Jyothi (BOB member since 2014-07-06)

This is not difficult.

  1. Configure LDAP authentication in the new system using just a single LDAP group to test and verify that it is configured correctly.

  2. After verifying that the users and group are imported correctly, delete the group in the LDAP configuration.

  3. Now migrate the users and groups from the old system. Since LDAP is configured in the new system, the users and groups should come over with no issues.


hilfy :us: (BOB member since 2007-04-16)