How to import only specific report from LCMBIAR file

Hi all,

I’m on my way to BI4.2SP7.

After reading pages and pages about backup and restore activities from BOB, SAP notes, BI4 guides, blogs, I thought I found my backup strategy !

  1. full backup at server level (CMS DB + FRS + other configuration files) for disaster recovery

  2. exports using lcm_cli to generate LCMBIAR files to use in case of accidental loss

Unfortunately, Promotion Management Wizard won’t let me select what I want to recover from a LCMBIAR file… I can see a “Selective content promotion” button, but it is not active…

Did I miss something ?

Is it actually possible to do selective content promotion in LCMBIAR to live system scenario ?

If not, how do you manage the recovery of one single user report ?

Thanks in advance for your help !


ombo (BOB member since 2005-11-16)

I think you may be able to restore a single file using Promotion Management in the CMS.

richardcottave (BOB member since 2006-03-30)