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How to Hide 'Technicals prompts'


For technicals reason we had to generate ‘Technical prompts’, but the users should not see these Technical prompts when they refresh the reports. Is there a way, to hide prompts in WebI Report ?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Eric,

What do you mean by “technical prompts”?

Without knowing what they are, we won’t be able to help.

If by “technical prompts”, you mean prompts that you want to require the developer to respond to but don’t want the end users running the report to see or have to answer… I WISH!! So need this functionality, but I haven’t been able to come up with a solution or work around.

did you try any of the Google-solutions ?
e.g. creating user specific prompts on Webi report | SAP Community


Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it does not solved our request.


I think that te request is purely impossible. We opened a Ticket with SAP … wait and see.

If they come up with a solution, let me know!

Hi All,

As expected, this functionality is not available in SAP BI 4.2, neither in 4.3… SAP didn’t proposed any workaround and set our request as ‘Nice to have’… for when ? that’s the question …

I’m not 100% certain what you’re asking for but would it be possible with a combination of user groups and predefined conditions?

Are you asking that everyone sees prompt 1 when refreshing a report but only members of the developer group see prompt 2 for example?