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How to get universe name of crystal report in BO CMS universe

Hi All,

How to get data source name of crystal report in BO CMS universe ?

I used [kind] =‘Crystal Report’ in query

I created variable in webi as below:

= [PropertyValue] Where([PropertyName]=“SI_UNIVERSE”)

But unfortunately i am unable to capture universe name/data source name being used for crystal reports.

Please help me out…



Hello @shannkar and welcome to B :mrgreen: B.
I recategorized your post to the server administration category as it is not really about developing with the SDK but creating a report against the SAP provided universe over the CMS. I didn’t want to categorize it to report writing either because it has more to do with deciphering what the SAP developers created.

I don’t have a clear answer for you. What I have found is that using Query Builder helps me to better understand the relationships between the data to figure out which Relationship tier in the universe contains the data I’m looking for. From there is seems to be a matter of experimentation to get the information you want. The universe is not intuitive in any way.

In fact, if you are just looking for a quick one report check for a Crystal Report data source, using Query Builder may be your best option.

according the LOV for Kind the value Should be ‘CrystalReport’ not ‘CrystalReport’.
then report name is in Name, Universe in Name (L1)
BR Tomas

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As already mentioned in another answer, the kind is ‘CrystalReport’.
For the used universe (unx or unv) you can use the Dimensions ‘Webi-To-Unv’ or ‘Webi-To-Unx’ from the Relationsships to-L1/Webi Folder. The Dimension ‘Name (L1)’ from the Folder InfoObjects L1/Common returns the name.

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Don’t “Webi-To-Unv” and “Webi-to-Unx” work just with Webi reports? The OP is working in Crystal.


The property bags in the InfoObject have the same name, so the definition of Webi-To-Unv and Webi-To-Unx will work for all InfoObjects that have the properties. I have just created the Objects when I was testing WebI documents, so would make sense to change the Object names in the universe.


Thank you for the help, I’m able to capture crystal report Name¦¦data source name (universe name) in my audit webi report

Thank you

I am looking for below output in CMS.UNX universe (Audit) in webi report
Audit Report:

folder path || Report Name || Data source Name||
ABC A100 Universe1; universe2;universe3

if the webi/crystal report having multiple data sources i need to display in single row as above sample output.
from the above A100 crystal report having 3 data sources i need to display in single row