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How to get all the recurring and paused instances to an excel from BO 4.2 using sdk

Hi Team,

I am working on pulling out all the paused and recurring instances to an excel and rescheduling all the paused instances using sdk, as Iam new to it kindly could any one help me in getting it right as it would be very useful

As Iam not from java coding backdrop, it is slight difficult me to catch up

that’s great lot of us would be happy to get such a tool (for free :slight_smile: )
check SAP KBAs e.g: 1813735
or https:// BusinessObjects Enterprise / SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.x Java SDK Applications

I have done similar things, but can’t share the code because it belongs to a client. However, there are a couple of ways you could approach this using the Java SDK.

  1. Pull all of the paused reports into an IInfoObjects using a query like this:


  1. Walk through the list to set the SI_NEXT_RUN to when you want it to run and set SI_SCHEDULE_STATUS to 9. If you want it to run right away, don’t set the next run date.

  2. Save the updated IInfoObject.

If you think there will be more than 1000 paused reports, it might be better to “walk” the folder hierarchy using a recursive method (method that calls itself). But that can get complicated. Let me know if you need something like that.

Also, I usually export info from the CMS database to .csv files in my code instead of directly to Excel. These file will open in Excel so that you can manipulate them and they’re easier to output because they’re just text.


Please see below link if it can be of any help.