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How to find reports sent by a specific user to Everyone group and delete from users inbox in Bulk

Hi All,
Because of option in 4.3 - sending BO report to Inbox , “Everyone” user group is present on top of the list, some users accidentally sent the report to “All” users. I would like to 1) find these reports 2) delete them from their inboxes and these are high in numbers. Please suggest me some ideas to handle this situation. We now have a workaround to stop users do this now, but I am in the process of cleaning these reports. I will reply here when I find the process , but wanted to here from experts.


You should be able to find this information in the Audit database, as long as you have it enabled and are collecting the correct events. Sending to the BI Inbox is an auditable event.

If you know the name of the document, you should be able to search for them in the CMC > Inboxes section. You can then select them in bulk and delete.

Thanks for the replies. I was able to find the Inbox reports’ information like ID, CUID, etc. My next task is to delete these bulk reports using ID/CUID. Does anyone have tool/utility to delete reports in bulk from Inbox folders ?
I found this tool , but it is not working for current version. Bulk Delete User Documents

@mgrackin , the search for the reports from Inboxes in CMC is not resulting reports (only Inbox folder names can be searched here).

@srinivasp74…When I access the Inboxes section of the CMC and enter a partial text in the search box in the upper right, the result list is all documents containing that text in the name found in all Inboxes. Not sure why you say resulting objects are not reports.