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How to find a distinct value?

Hi All,

Wonderful to know this website today. I would like to ask a question.
I am recently working on a reporting in BI 4.3

So, i have three universes in my report. Uni A, B and C
All the three Uni has a common object X

I have made a merge with all three

In my table now i have year, month, count( object X (uni A)) and now i want to have one more column which should be matching with object X in uni A from both uni B and C and it should be distinct. For example If uni B has an entry for object X (from uni A) - the new column should already consider as 1 and if there is a same entry in uni B for object X (from uni A) - still it should not duplicate the value.

Please help me. I hope i tried to explain it.