How to fasten the 80,000 object migration in BOBI 4.3

Hello All,

We are migrating from 4.2 SP3 to 4.3 SP01 and we have 80,000 objects, please help me know what are the best and fastest way to migrate the data.

  1. Promotion management wizard ?
  2. LCM CLI ?


Using LCM CLI is the best practice as recommended by SAP.
From my experience, LCM LCI does work much faster and much better when promoting or moving a large number of objects.

You also might want to look into just updating your installation(s) from BI 4.2sp3 to BI4.3sp1. I think an in-place upgrade is also supported and could work better depending on your specific scenario.

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If you need to move to new hardware for 4.3, you could do an in-place upgrade to update the CMS database and also do a new install on new hardware. After the new install, configure the servers in the new system as you would need them to run appropriately - split the APS, set the File Store locations, set ports if necessary, etc. You would then do the following:

  1. Back up the system configuration for the new system to a .biar file using the backup utility that’s in the CCM. Then stop the SIA.

  2. Back-up the upgraded CMS and Audit databases from the old system.

  3. Restore the upgraded CMS and Audit databases over the top of the database used when installing the new system - DO NOT have the old system and the new system pointing to the same database or filestore location!

  4. Use the CCM to restore the server configuration from the .biar backup. This will put the new server config into the restored database and delete the old server configs.