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How to create a % avg reports in BI? do i need to create a formula if yes how to create a fromule to generate rep

i need to generate reports on % Completed or % Canceled Contracts .

If you have detailed data with individual rows tagged as complete or canceled, you will first need to create variables to calculate the total number of complete orders and the total number of canceled orders. Then divide each of those by the total number of orders to get your percentages.

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how to tag a row?can you guide on this

You would need to have a field(s) in your dataset that identifies the row as complete or canceled. It could be a status field, date field or anything that differentiates and tells you which it is.

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If([Engt Candidate Disposition Status] InList(“Disengaged-Good”;“Disengaged-Hired”); “Good”;“Bad”)
after this i want to count how many disengaged good - how to count

some logic like below at row level

if condition_true then 1 else 0

You can sum this to get totals and use that as a divisor to get averages

how to put a else condition on above quary

count( [Unique ID Field Name] ) where( [Engt Candidate Disposition Status] InList( “Disengaged-Good” ; “Disengaged-Hired” ) )

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