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How is the latest patch BO 4.3 SP4 Patch5 ? Any surprises?

Hi All,
We are about to have SP4 Patch5 in our Sandbox for testing. I would like to know if anybody tested this version and if you found any issues.


Downloading now. Had issues with patch 2, patch 3, and patch 4. Not holding my breath.

All the best! I can post some test results of this patch by next week…

We haven’t gotten to Patch 4 or 5. We tested BOB43, SP4, Patch 3 and found significant enough issues with different Webi behavior that we postponed our upgrade until a stable SP4 patch is released.

What we found:

  1. We have a number of documents with multiple queries MERGED in the Webi document. We found the Extend Merged Dimension Values setting behaves differently in BOB43, SP4, Patch 3 compared to how it behaves in BOB43, SP2, Patch 12. SAP says the Extend Merged Dimension Values setting is “fixed” in the SP4, Patch 3 because it was “wrong” in previous versions. I am still going round with SAP on this because there is no documentation, that i can find or that they can provide, indicating this was foudn to be an issue and subsequently “fixed”.

  2. Auto Merge Dimensions setting is also behaving differently. If a user just opens a document and refreshes, Webi creates additional MERGED dimensions in the document. No editing of the document was done. Webi just created new MERGEs which, of course, caused issues with the document.

  3. In addition, we have also found some (not all) detail variables in the Webi document are losing their association with the dimension to which it is associated when the document is refreshed.

These are the three big issues we found which put a stop to us upgrading to BOB43, SP4, Patch 3 from BOB43, SP2, Patch 12.

What else did others find?

Thanks for mentioning these issues ,Mike!
As mentioned, we are about to test this version this week and I will update my findings.


I can refer to SP4 patch 4.
2 problems which I cannot find in patch 5 change log:

  1. is described in sap note 3325194 which should be already fixed in SP04 patch 0 but seems was not… users still face it
  2. report ad-hoc refreshing - 1st refresh returns no result, 2nd refresh returns data… that’s quite annoying.
    opened case with sap…

We did an Upgrade last week to SP4 Patch 4.
1 major problem we have so far are trigger from BW process chains. The BI Event isn’t triggered anymore in BO so we have to manually skip all BI Events in process chains.

Anyone the same problem?

I don’t know if this is still an issue with 4.3 SP4, but we found the following bug in SP3:
If you try to write any kind of formula in the across break header cells of a crosstab, you will receive an error message, like this one:
This is extremely annoying as we use this to fold/unfold downwards showing totals above instead of below in the footer.
If you need more info about this, please let me know.

Thanks for posting this here. I will check this behavior in SP4 and update here…

Though I want to consolidate all issues so far in Patch5 in a single post, I want to post that leaving query panel open for around 30 mins and coming back to SAP BO, I am seeing this error…

Did anyone experienced the same issue ?


The default Idle Connection Timeout (minutes): on the Web Intelligence Processing Server is 20 minutes so this wouldn’t surprise me.
Did you configure a different time out for this?

Hi John, thanks for the reply. Yes, I took care of the timeout settings… The regular timeout settings ( leaving BI open for more than 20 mins is working fine). I am seeing this intermittent issue only when the query panel is open. However, as I saw this intermittently, I wanted to check if anyone else is seeing this behavior.