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How do you get parameter template for CRE with restful web

I have successfully used the Restful web services to get the schedule templates and parameter templates to schedule WEBI reports.
Now we need to use restful web services for crystal reports for enterprise but I can not get the web services to return a parameter template.

     For WEBI I can use these urls to return the templates.

For CRE I can use this url to get the schedule template

When I try to get the parameter template from http://<baseurl>/biprws/infostore/221950/parameters I get the  404 not found error message.  I have tried several variations of the above with no success in retrieving a parameter template. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?   We are on 4.2 SP4. Running on windows and Tomcat.

richardcottave (BOB member since 2006-03-30)

Anyone know how to schedule a crystal report as a generic object using the Restful web services?

richardcottave (BOB member since 2006-03-30)

Simple answer - you can’t if you need to set the parameters. You’ll have to use the full BI Platform SDK for this.


hilfy :us: (BOB member since 2007-04-16)

Thanks Hiffy for your response. After days of trying myself and scouring the SAP forums I posed the question to SAP who told me the same thing.

richardcottave (BOB member since 2006-03-30)