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Hiding design mode in CMC through custom Access Level not working in Bobj 4.3

I am trying to hide Design mode for a specific folder in Bobj by assigning the user group a Custom Access Level.
Custom Access level has an the following optiion disabled

Reporting: Enable Document Change

If you want the design to not be available to members of that group, you need to explicitly deny the right, that is, mark the option under the red X column. This will override any other rights the users in that group may have on that folder.

Yes it is already red icon.

Now, that I look a little closer, that permission will prevent them from making any changes to the document but it won’t hid the Design mode from them. The Design mode permission is handled at the Web Intelligence Application. If you deny the permission there, then your users will not be able to use the Web Intelligence Designer at all, which is probably not what you want.

You could try using General → Edit objects for that folder. I still don’t know if that will hide the option to hide the Designer.

If you want to prevent modified copies of those reports from getting out, make sure you deny the rights to copy any content from that folder.

yes i tried General-Edit objects doesnt seem to work. Strange thing- i have another folder that works same way exactly what i want right now and it was created in 2016 with probably older version. I can not seem to replicate same behaviour even though i have tried the similar user securities.
I have this as an urgent task to complete. could you point me if i am doing something wrong here?

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else to offer.

There have been a lot of changes to Business Objects since 2016 so it isn’t real surprising that things don’t work the way they did.

SAP never has been very good at providing documentation on the various security rights or at providing documentation on how to migrate rights when they make changes.

Thanks but if you have an idea on how to hide design mode for a specific folder let me know