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Graph wit a traffic light patern

Is it possible to have a sort of traffic light format.

Like for the health of inventory.
Say below 3 months life shelf red, 4-12 orange and above 12 green.

Are these options there in BO?

rpinxt (BOB member since 2019-01-23)

Depending what version you are on, you’d look at alerters or conditional formats.

BO 4.2 SP 7.

But conditional format will make my bar graph red yellow or green?

rpinxt (BOB member since 2019-01-23)

Do you want all bars the same colour, or do you want them different colours depending upon their value?

Different colours for the columns.

So the columns that have only a few Use Before Date months red, the columns for 12+ UBD months green and those in between orange.

rpinxt (BOB member since 2019-01-23)


Create 3 measure variables, one each for your good, medium and bad values in the format:
=If([Measure] meets criteria;[Measure])
This will leave it as null if the measure doesn’t meet the criteria.

Add all measures to your chart as a stacked bar and set a colour for each one accordingly.

Done. :+1:

Ahh I see what you mean.
Have a column chart and not stacked.

But your explanation set me in the right direction and I have it now :slight_smile:
Thanks Mark! :+1:

rpinxt (BOB member since 2019-01-23)