Get deleted entries from SAP ECC


I am wondering what common practice is regarding fetching deleted entries from SAP ECC. Currently a delta job processes different SAP ECC transactional tables by using the CDHDR table. The legacy is that only ‘I’ and ‘U’ are selected - so deletes have never been processed.
The delta is processed to an ODS layer. This is an historical layer.
The current problem is that records that have been deleted are still in this layer.

Couple of questions:

  • What is the normal way of handling deletes given the fact that not all tables are in CDHDR.
  • Are hard deletes also processed to CDHDR?
  • If only one line item has changed will that be reflected to CDHDR. (i.o.w.: will the CHG_IND show U also in CDHDR?)

I can think of a way how to handle the deletion, but this seems not very efficient: build additional extraction dataflows fetching a period of a for example a couple of months and compare it to the ODS layer to get the deletes.

Thanks in advance.

Kr, Maarten

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