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Generating error when promoting universe in 4.3 SP3 version

Hello , we just upgraded our bobj from 4.3 sp2 to 4.3 sp3 patch 800. When we are migrating IDT universe with multidata source connection we are getting following error. We are promoting only universe not connection . In both environment connections has same CUID . And we also created new connection but getting same error. Anyone has this issue .
Failure: Resolution Status=Overwritten, Dependency Status=All the required dependencies are included., Commit Status=Commit attempted and failed., Promotion Status=Failure : Object promoted. Update failed. Error: com.businessobjects.mds.publishing.exception.PublishingException: Cannot register multisource-enabled connection UAT_TEST. (IDT 022125)

did you try the solutions/notes to this error from SAP-support?

Promotion Management may not like the Multisource connection even if you aren’t migrating it. I’m not sure what version that support for the multisource connection is ending. You may have to change the universe to use a single source connection.

Not yet we are still working with support, they are asking logs few times as of today.

We are in the process of migrating Multi data source to single. But for now this has to work for us we are middle of upgrade from 4.3 SP2 to 4.3 sp3 Patch800. We don’t have this issue in SP2.