Fusion avec jointure externe

Hello, J’ai 2 requêtes. La requête 1 du fournisseur 1 contient les users/ville. La requête 2 du fournisseur 2 contient les users/name/surname. La requête 1 n’a pas obligatoirement la même population que la requête 2. J’ai aussi une requête 3 du fournisseur 2 qui contient tous les users de la requête1 et requête 2. Je souhaiterais extraire la liste des users de la requête 1 qui ne sont pas dans la requete 2. Et la liste des users de la requete 2 qui ne sont pas dans la requête 1.

DebT - From Google translate:
Hello, I have 2 requests. Query 1 from provider 1 contains users / city. Query 2 from provider 2 contains users / name / surname. Query 1 does not necessarily have the same population as query 2. I also have a query 3 from provider 2 which contains all the users from query1 and query 2. I would like to extract the list of users from query 1 which are not in request 2. And the list of users of request 2 who are not in request 1.

If Google Translate is accurate and I understand your requirement it seems you want something similar to a left join and a right join in database query terms. I believe my answer to another recent question applies here.

Does that work?

thank, this response is good