Function Module as Source (BOM)

Hi Experts

I am receiving Bill of Material (BOM) data thru following SAP Function Module:


I need to load BOM data from one SAP system (ECC) to another (S4 HANA).

I am planning to use this function as data source and load data to iDoc (IDoc Type: BOMMAT04) for BOM to target system S4 Hana.

Can you please confirm if its possible (as mentioned above) or there is a better way to extract & load BOM data using BODS (Data Services).

Also I need to know how to flatten nested (NRDM) data I am receiving from the Function mentioned above or I should directly plug this data to BOM iDoc ?

Earlier we were planning to use BOM tables like MAST, STKO & STPO for source but they give more rows than what is in the BOM due to changes. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Data Services version 4.2.7
Help is much appreciated.

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