Free hand sql drop down in query builder


I cannot for the life of me see how I enable other options such as “free hand sql” as data sources when in the query builder pane of web intelligence 4.1

I have 1 use who inexplicably sees options other than “from universe” such as “free hand SQL” but nobody else! any ideas? I simply cannot find anything that helps anywhere in the web.

suspiciously, if you go in to the CMC/User List and click on this lucky user, then right click “User Security” they don’t show up in the list… perhaps related?


does it always work with administrator account?

I tested 4.1 SP05+ quite long time ago… but I think FreehandSQL was available just when in user preferences - web intelligence - default creation/editng tool was chosen the Java applet option and was not available in Interactive/HTML mode…


no, bizarrely, not with Admin either, first thing I checked! highly annoying

hmm maybe that user uses java applet version… good idea let me check

I think that is the difference… that user has the java applet+html , over the straight html that the rest of us use. thanks :slight_smile:

I use the HTML version, it is still there though. Just a slightly different name because it shows as FreeHandSQL in Java and FHSQL in HTML