Formatting Empty Buckets

I have a report that aggregates labor hours by day and by week. I have created a spreadsheet that holds all weekdays between 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2028 and merged it with the dates in the universes I am using. I am using a cross tab object. I want to display the date periods that are empty but I want to limit the display to be the range of the min date that has data to the max date that has data. I have attempted to use a filter variable using min/max but it isn’t working.

maxdate =Max([Requested Date])
mindate =Min([Work Order Requested Date])

[Requested Date] - Merged date object
maxdatefilter =If [RequestedDate]<= [maxReqDte] Then 1 Else 0
mindatefilter =If [RequestedDate] >= [minReqDate] Then 1 Else 0

I filter the crosstab on min/max = 1 but it doesn’t remove dates. It removes my row segregation




I want my data set to start at 30 (week #). When I apply the min filter the only change is that the “Plan” row is removed. The Plan category has data where date >= today
Any assistance would be appreciated

Try adding a calculation context to your min/max variables:

maxdate =Max([Requested Date]) in Report
mindate =Min([Work Order Requested Date]) in Report

Depending on you formatting, breaks, etc, you may need to use a different context. In Report will get you the min/max of all values in the entire report.