Filtering with a wild character parameter/prompt?

Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing well. I am working on a report in Crystal Report for Enterprise (CR4E), I want to create a filter when the report is refreshed the user can type in a his/her criteria and filter the report, so a parameter/prompt with wild character

Few things to note:

  1. The filter is on a text column which I converted from RTF to Text in CR4E, as there is no option to do that at Universe level.
  2. The text column is a comment from which the user will pick the word looking to filter the data
  3. I cannot apply query filter as the conversion of RTF to Text is happening inside the report

I am fairly new to Crystal Report development. I am aware of parameters, Interactive Filter and little bit about Formulas function,

Any advice is highly appreciated,


DawoodAhmed (BOB member since 2015-06-01)