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Extracting WEBI Data Provider details using Excel macro

Hi Friends,

Here is a tool which I developed using Excel Macro which in turn uses REST API calls to extract WEBI report data provider details from BO 4.2 system.

The tool prompts user to enter Report ID which you can get from the webi report properties or it is simply the SI_ID of the webi report and extracts the following information:

  1. Report ID, CDUI, report Name, report Desc and report path
  2. Data Provider ID
  3. DP Name
  4. DP Type (unx for unx based data providers)
  5. Object data type used in the Dp
  6. Object Qualification (dim, measure or detail)
  7. Object Name
  8. Object Description
  9. object Formula
  10. Lastly the Query of the data provider.

Mind you that there is a restriction in excel that a cell can store only 32K characters, thus if the DP query is greater than 32K, it would be truncated.

NOTE: I have removed my login details from the code, but a small form could be used to get the details and hooked into the code. Also I have removed the BO server Details, you can get the same URL from CMC, just google for restful API URL path in CMC.

Hope this will be useful for you.

Drop a note if you get any errors or need help.

Extract_Webi_DP (515.0 KB)

Arun8006 (BOB member since 2006-12-22)


thanks for sharing.
I do not understand why CrystalEnterprise references added to the macro. This could work without them.


SuKA (BOB member since 2018-10-20)