Extract usage stats of BO reports


I have to pull a report which shows the usage stats of reports from all folders (includes unused reports from past 1 year, reports which are frequently used).

Is there any excel macro which can pull the data directly from repository or any methods which can be used to extract this information.

Hello @Nish and welcome to B :mrgreen:B.

Your options will depend on what version of Business Objects you have.

  • Most options that use Excel macros will only work with earlier versions of Business Objects. There are some examples in the Downloads section of this forum. Most, if not all, will require some modification to update the references to your version of Business Objects.

  • For more recent versions of Business Objects there is a universe written against the repository database using the SDK that is available from SAP. This should be an install option that you can run.

  • All versions have the Audit database that can be used. Unfortunately, a report has to be run to have a record in the Audit database so it won’t tell you unused reports.