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Export Universe Objects into EXcel or PDF

Hi There,

I need, all the objects, joins, contexts etc from .UNX file (Information Design Tool 4.2)… into Excel or PDF file.

Please let me know , how can we achieve this.

Shravan R

I answered your question a couple of months ago here…

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I just had to instruct a vendor on how to provide this. With IDT universes, the easiest way is to:

  1. Retrieve a copy of the universe into your Local Projects. You don’t need to open it, so close if it opens by default.
  2. Navigate to the Local Project location
  3. Right click on the DFX file and select SAVE AS. This will give you checkboxes to select what is outputted to PDF.
  4. You then do the same for the BLX file, and select what you want to export there.

As an elevated solution, you can code your own JAVA SDK or there are 3rd party tools (some of which are free) that will export the universe out to Excel.