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Export Universe(Information Design Tool) Objets into Excel

Hi There,

I need, all the Dimensions (Classes and objects) from .UNX file (Information Design Tool 4.2)… into Excel file.

Please let me know , how can we achieve this.

Shravan R

I re-categorized your post to the building semantic layer since your question pertains the the Information Design Tool, not Web Intelligence.

As far as I know, the only way to do what you are asking is to make use of the SDK or the RESTful web service. The Business Objects universe design tools have never had a native export to Excel functionality.

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You can export a unx into PDF document, or html or txt but do not work for Excel.

  1. Right Click on the Business Layer of Univers and Click on Save As.
  2. Select the content you want documented and click on report location.
  3. Make sure the “save as” type is PDF and find a location to save this document and click on Save.



We use UNXdoc tool from BIClever. It actually great tool to get the UNiverse contents into Excel and compare the universes and get a difference between 2 environments like (Dev and UAT or UAT and Prod)

Jagadeesh C

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