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Exception_Access_violation c0000005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this error(Unhandled exception …Exception_Access_violation …c0000005) while refreshing reports from deski(ver is not crashing or hanging its just saying exception access violation as soon as I clicked refresh.Till now I had done the following

1.Refreshed many other reports using different universe-same error
2.Used the same login credentials in other system-working fine
3.I tried to import the universe from tools->universe-same error
4.I can’t even create new reports.while creation when selecting the universe(even efashion) the same error persists
4.Enough space is there in C: drive
5.Universe saving location and report saving location are blue bug error(I hope)
6.Amazingly the universe folder in client system is empty :hb: .
can any body please help.Is there any work around other than reinstalling.

Arrif (BOB member since 2010-04-29)

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This can help:

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Marek Chladny :slovakia: (BOB member since 2003-11-27)