Examples of typical SAP related dataflows

In case you want to get an overview or an idea how DataServices interacts with SAP ERP, BW,… you might want to have a look at the Wiki pages found here:


Topics include:

Overview SAP Interfaces
•Direct SQL
•RFC ReadTable

Connecting to SAP
•Chosing the Transport Method
•direct_download transport method
•shared_directory transport method
•ftp transport method
•custom_transfer transport method

Reading via ABAP
•How to read the ABAP
•How to execute the ABAP
•Moving to Production
•Moving ABAP to Production (DI 12.1)
•Common Questions
•Custom ABAP Transform

•Reading R3 Hierarchies

•Reading via RFC Read Table

•Receiving IDOCs [/b]
•Building the RealTime DataFlow
•Configure WebAdmin for IDOCs
•Configure SAP to send IDOCs to DI
•Testing the IDOCs

[b]•Sending IDOCs

•Calling RFCs-BAPIs

•Loading BW [/b]
•Setup BW - DataServices communication
•Run the DataServices 3.2 RFC Server or the old method Run the DataServices RFC Server
•Prepare a BW InfoSource for Loading via DataServices
•Build the BW Load Job
•Configure the Load Job in BW (DS 3.2) or the old method Configure the Load Job in BW
•BW Load Job and datatypes
•Loading BW 7.x DataSources

•Reading SAP BW
•Configuring SAP BW Open Hub Destination
•Configuring SAP BW Open Hub ProcessChain
•Reading from an Open Hub Destination

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