Error joining tables in multi source universe


I have created a multi source universe and am not able to join any tables.
I am getting the below error:

[Data Federator Driver] [Server] The column name ‘ICN_NO’ was specified multiple times in the table/alias: ‘Table__3’

The join is using a fully qualified path but I am still getting an error.


Can someone please help?


That looks like it should be correct to me. The Data Federator does weird things to the SQL. We use predominately SQL Server and many times I had to copy the SQL generated by the multi-source universe into SQL Server Management Studio and take out all the junk to figure out what it was doing. I’m not sure if you can do the same with Oracle or not.

We ended up throwing out multi source universe away because it performed so badly.

Also be aware that SAP is not currently putting any effort into the multi source universe and that they have announced that it will be deprecated after BI4.3. See this post for more information on their official statement of direction: 2021 SAP Analytics Cloud Business Intelligence Statement of Direction.