Error calling in WebService


We are using BODI 11.7 and Created an Adapter Datastore to call a WebService.

The WebService Adapter is also running fine in Data Integrator management Console and we are able to import the WebService function in Designer.

But while calling this webService through batch job, we are getting below error:

Web Services client unable to invoke a Web Services server. Error: ; nested exception is: No trusted certificate found

We have imported the WebService Server certificate in BODI system under trusted root certificates even though it is globally trusted certificate and Set the Keystore path in datastore as below:

C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Data Integrator 11.7\ext\Jre\lib\security\cacerts

even after that also, we are having the same error ‘No trusted certificate’.

Please could some one let us know , if we missed anything here.

Thanks in advance,

Mohammad (BOB member since 2019-11-21)