Eror on job export - PAR-010102: Export

I have a bit of an obscure job that does not want to be exported. The job validates and runs with no errors. The above mentioned error is issued, complaining about a syntax error on a variable assignment with a lot of escaped characters (single quotes).

Syntax error at line <36>: <,...........\''||^"||'+\'

That is part of a huge string variable in which an SQL statement is built. However, the doesn’t contain such a string as mentioned in the error. It contains this:


which is to be used in a REGEXP_SUBSTR Oracle function in the composed SQL. It seems that the quotation of the special characters (like ’ and [) is interpreted wrongly. Has anybody seen something like this before?

Also this the job export doesn’t display all of parts the job. There’s a dataflow which contains 2 datastores and one table, but these are not displayed in the Export window…
What’s going on?
I use BODS version

lamanp :netherlands: (BOB member since 2008-09-02)